Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Of Tudung and Perceptions

Assalamualaikum and peace be upon you.

Of Tudung and Perceptions.

Tudung (headgear)?
What's the relation?

     First of all, let me explain about the law on wearing tudung. Tudung, or scarf, or anything that covers your hair and head (for muslimah) IS NOT COMPULSORY!

     'Excuse me?'

     Yes. You read it right. It's not compulsory for us muslimahs to wear tudung. What compulsory is covering our aurah, everything that is stuck together with our body excluding hands (from wrists to fingers) and faces.

     Okay so what about tudung and perceptions?

     As what we always see in our society, or what we ourselves tend to do is judge other people whom we think are less perfect than us. And the most common judgement amongst all is between hijabis and non hijabis, or between hijabis and jilbab'is' (jilbab: the tudung that reaches elbows or waist), or between hijabis and niqabis (or in Malay we call it purdah).

     Dear sisters, it is not a good deed at all to presume people just by looking at their clothing. As the saying goes don't judge a book by its cover. My point here is DO NOT simply assume free hair girls as bad girls or bluntly believe deeply that girls with jilbab or niqabis are perfect.

     But then, this doesn't mean you can go all around and support those muslimahs without headgear. We all know girl's head and hair are a part of our aurah and we must (and by this I mean COMPULSORY) cover our head together with other aurah perfectly without complaints.

     What about hijabis? Well congratulations to all hijabis as you successfully abide the Great Great Law, Syariah Islam. I pray that you will istiqamah (continue) on wearing hijab and always check to cover your chest with tudung and to avoid having camel hump on your head.

     Okay I somehow strayed a bit far from the title.

     Have you ever experienced this: when you advice a free-hair girl to cover her aurah and she simply reply "alah, those girls with tudung are not that decent!"

     Yes, not all hijabis are what you expected them to be. In fact, everyone is trying their best to change for the best. So don't just simply say 'eh this girl's attitude doesn't fit her tudung'. Maybe you could at least advice her with some good choices of words for her attitude that annoys you because maybe she doesn't realise that some of her actions or words have hurt others. Give her some respect as she did her part on covering her aurah in this devilish world.

     Girls who wear jilbab and niqabis. People always think they are so pious; that they know everything about Islam and that they can answer all about fiqh and out of the box questions related to Islam thrown to them.

Let me crack this mentality of society.

     NO! They ARE NOT AS PIOUS AS YOU MIGHT THINK and NO I'M NOT BEING MALIGNANT AS I WEAR JILBAB MYSELF. These girls, are just trying their best to get nearer to Allah and they believe by wearing jilbab or niqab they are protected from any kind of harm (insyaAllah) and the area coverage of jilbab and niqab makes them feel like their chastity is truly being protected.

     Not all girls who wear jilbab and niqabis comes from religious backgrounds. Not all of these girls know every knowledge of Islam. The only thing you find in all these girls in common is dakwah (preaching Islam). They would do their best to spread Islam and to awake other muslims to keep track on their path. They just 'instinctually' has the sense to set Islam  as the biggest priority and are really really chasing for jannah.

     I mean, who wouldn't want to step their feet in heaven and stay in there forever? But not everyone puts enough effort to even sniff the heaven. I'm serious.

     Anyway, what I'm saying here is don't just judge girls this and that just because of tudung and the area coverage. I'm sure everyone is trying to keep track on staying on the right path.

     It is never easy to fight for heaven. Mujahadah (keep fighting), that's what we need. And istiqamah to keep strong.

I hope everyone, every single one of you get the point from my writing.

And I pray that hidayah will come to all of you.

Nur Kamilia Binti Mahayudin
Student Of Islamic Revealed Knowledge

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