Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You Only Live Twice!

Assalamualaikum and greetings.

The popular saying 'YOLO' has spread worldwide and only the internet deprived people would ask someone. What makes a sound 'YOLO'? The four letter word which does not only stand strong in English can be translated into other languages and still hold a very solid meaning. You. Only. Live. Once.

Yeah so?
Yeah ... so let's make the best out of it! Live life to the max!

As pleasing and encouraging as that sounds... the realm of falseness and illusion; it's all nothing but a big test to see what we would really become. The fact is that we don't just live ONCE.
In this world yes. But in the after world we'll live again. And our happiness or sorrow in the after world are our choices made in this world. This realm of falseness and illusion. It's all a big test to see what we really become. 

The problem nowadays being that people tend to forget that we need to be happy in he after world too. Because frankly we all know that's gonna last an eternity. Imagine it.

An eternity of joy and happiness.
Being the king or queen of your own world.
No one to boss you around.
No pain.
No jealousy.
Just love.
And pure happiness and bliss ^^

And then there's what? 60 years of happiness only to spend an eternity of pain and suffering. Skin burning your flesh. Boiling hot water scorching your throat and an immense heat stroke melting your brains. The pain.. it'll never stop.. 

Because we chose that way. We chose to live happy first and suffer later.
It doesn't really take a genius to figure out that we can be happy in both lives.
*gasps* We can? What kind of sorcery do I have to use? How is that even possible??

It's simple really. Live modestly. Nothing good ever comes from having too little nor having too much. This applies to all things around us. Be it food, money, education, titles etc

So before you start running down out the gate of your house. Think for at least 3 seconds (one second would be too short). 
'Will I be happy in the after world if I do this (whatever it is you were planning on doing) today?'

Every soul has to experience the taste of death.

Writer: Nurshahirah Binti Mohd Azmi
        Student of SMART, Islamic Pure Science Stream 
        SPM 2013

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