Friday, October 3, 2014

A parent's love

Time is moving and things are getting more advanced. Technology we have nowadays were hardly imaginable back then in our parents’ days. Looking around kids are getting more and more spoilt with the evolution of new gadgets and all.

I am quite amazed and somewhat annoyed with how kids.. yeah 12 year-olds and below can own the complete set of apple products. And the iPhone they use are also up-to-date. I don’t really mind since they are born in this modern technology-era where not having a phone is like not joining the world community yet.

Though it makes my blood boil when I hear these very people talk to their parents. I’m not saying all but most of them have the most awful of mouths with the way they ask for a simple permission. It’s more like commanding their parents rather than asking nicely.

I hate ungrateful children especially when their parents don’t mind! I mean, honestly I do get a bit heart broken when I see these scenes unfold before my very eyes.

This phenomena just prove one and one thing only.

The love of a parent towards their child.

It goes for everyone despite the rise in the cases of child abuse or divorce. The fact is deep down every parent love their children more than themselves.

I never knew it was possible. And I myself have encountered a situation where my dad said,
“When you are a parent you will know,” and smiled.

The smile he gave me that day was not an understanding smile but rather a smile that hides millions of sadness and endless hours of hardships.

I remember clearly what I did. I just went to a supermarket and bought the things in the grocery list and a little bit of treat for myself. I showed him the candy I bought for myself and clearly I got none for my siblings.

I was still young and naive and I didn’t know how my small action of just buying something to treat myself was so wrong at that age. Only now do I understand the value of it.

Parents they work hard day in and day out. And at the end of the month, their salary goes mostly to their children.

Don’t trust me? Then, answer this:

When was the last time your mom & dad got new clothes?

When was the last time they went out together and watched a movie? (excluding you)

How often do your parents eat out in a week?

The point in asking you the above questions are to make you realize; Most of their hard earned money is spent and most of the time wasted by us. And they don’t mind!

All for our own happiness. Yet, teenagers nowadays they hardly care what their parents are feeling or what they are going through.

I think it is a sin to have a relationship with another person whom is hardly related to us and has not contributed anything to us yet we still continue to depend on our parents to live.

Think of the injustice that brings.

Sure, not all parents are the perfect ones cause they are still human. They make mistakes and they can change. They can get angry and take out their frustrations. But what right do we have as children to stop them from being human?

How are we much more noble than them to tell them what is good for us when they have been through way more than us?

We are immature and selfish and being a parent will teach us just the opposite.

The world is a better place with love.
And love in a family is beyond important. I’m sure you’ve watched ads where they show parents just wanting to hear their children’s voice. Not their wealth and sometimes not even their time.

So, when you feel bored or have some free time. Give your parents a call. To those whose having the privilege of living at home. Talk to them. No need for formalities and assigning a specific time but rather just say hi and how’s your day going would be fine.

One of the best bonding topics would be:

‘How was it like to be pregnant with me?’

I can guarantee that the love will amplify after this heartwarming story session.
Insha Allah.

Nurshahirah Binti Mohd Azmi
Student Of CUCMS

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